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“Body&Soul” is a game of logic and skill, with interesting and fun mechanics.

Use your robot and show him what to do in order to solve puzzles in an unordinary spirit world. Beat various game stages using your mind, skill and speed. Beat in game bosses. Discover new ways to complete puzzles to achieve a 3 star rating and much more! 
Uncover the story of Dr. Alfred and his robot – Drake. Things take an unexpected turn when a soul transferring ritual takes place. A nasty demon appears to foil Dr. Alfred’s plans. However, all is not lost. A helpful spirit aids him in order to set things right. What will happen to Dr. Alfred? Why was he transferring his soul? Play the game, unlock story pieces and find out!

Key Features:
- A unique recording mechanic
- Over 70 levels
- 6 boss fights
- Optimal puzzle solutions 
- Story and cutscenes
- A colorful and pretty spirit world
- Funky music and sound effects


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